Tuesday, 22 September 2009

3 song choices

Our three song choices from the list of 12 were, 'Shark' by Ash, 'Girls On TV' by Be Your Own PET and 'Hey Girl' by Delays.

The reasons for these choices were that as soon as we heard those three songs we each had many ideas to compliment the music video.

Ideas for 'Shark':
-Live performance focus' on instruments.
-Lots of action happening aswell as the performance
-Filmed in different locations
-incorporate a chase scene, involving the band being seen down every street that is ran past
-make up to show bruising etc. (links to lyrics and narrative)
-instruments typical to a band e.g. drums, guitar etc.
-make up and costumes, bruising, mime, typical indie band attire e.g. skinny jeans, shirts, long scruffy hair and edgy
-indie-rock, skinny jeans, longish
-messy, edgy, unique style, ragged
-bruised, black eye etc
-does follow story (lyrics)
-"had a run in with the law", when these lyrics are played the band member is running away from something/someone
-"bruised wrists and your body aches", "violent mind", we would use make up for this to show the bruises, which link with the "violent" lyrics
-cut away from action, cut from live performance to the narrative etc
-dusk setting
-street lamps on
-band are lit in non natural lighting
DVD and poster
-photo of the band performing
-edgy, not too colourful

Ideas for 'Girls on TV':
-live performance
-cutting from girl being on TV (we had the idea of using a security camera with a girl singing into it, then we film the TV), band would be watching her on the TV
-male figure-love interest
-not as heavily focused on the instruments - more on the band as a whole
-girl would always be the lead, always on camera, feisty, shouting and angry
-flashes to mimes on the street to show eeriness
-make up, especially for mimes
-indie, verging on rock
-indie looking girl and band
-angry love song - attitude
-doesn't smile much, jumping around with microphone
-band are in indie clothing - skinny jeans, shirts, grungy, edgy
-anti love song - angry - shown in facial expressions and body language
-love interest, who is shown in the video
-"Girls on TV" - using a security camera to be literal
-black and white effects - if we use a security camera
-lots of multicoloured lights when performing to make it more realistic and performance like
-everything is sped up in forward mode
DVD and poster
-band on front cover, maybe with instruments
We will need
-people who can mime well

Ideas for 'Hey Girl'-
-boy on guitar singing and sitting
-singing to a girl
-don't see much of band, and if we do then its minimal
-meant to be personal to the singer
-at a gig, boy is performing live and girl in the audience is lit up - love interest
-boy could be upset - sad, slow paced song
-normal looking, doesn't have a specific dress style
-nothing too extravagant
-would fit lyrics as its a slow song so the video would also be slow paced and calm
-no special effects
-everything is very much realism
DVD and poster
-boy with guitar
-lyrics of song in the background
-not a colourful cover
-black and white

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