Saturday, 26 September 2009

Idea's for the music video

Our final decision was to do Girls on TV. This is because we all had many ideas as we listened to the song. My idea was that we had a split screen of 4. The first image to appear in one of the screens would be the bass as it comes on in the music. The next image would be the drums as it comes on in the music. The next would be the guitar as it comes on the in the music, and the final image on one of the four screens would be the singers lips as she sings the first words. It would be a tricky thing to do and will take a lot of extra time on the college computers but my group and I seem keen on the idea. As the song gets into the verse/chorus/bridge, the camera will zoom into one of the four split screens and the action will go on in that scene, for example there will be some weird moments and shots that create a sense of eerieness - this would include a mime, or a band set up down a street, or the singer running away from something chasing her. When the action in that scene has finished, the camera will then zoom out again into the split shot. When on the split shot, the instruments and girls lips will still be going, and the chorus will be playing everytime the camera zooms out onto the split shot. When there is another verse, the camera will zoom into a different split shot, and another set of action will go on, whether its the band playing live or some other action packed scene. It will zoom out again, onto the split shot when the chorus is playing. When the last chorus says "Girls on TV", the camera will zoom into a shot from the split screen and it will show the singer singing on a TV. We hope to achieve this by using a security camera whilst the singer is singing into it, and recording the TV. We will then zoom out, and as the music fades to signal the end of the song, the images on the split screen dissapear one by one, until we are left with a blank screen.
This is just an idea, but after conferring with the group it seems as though we are set on it.

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