Thursday, 1 October 2009

Final Concept and Shot List

At our last production meeting we pitched our music video concept and got approval from the group.
The concept we have decided on include the split screen introduction that we discussed in our last blog. We will be focusing on the performance and having cutaway shots to create a narrative which will link to the lyrics of the song. The performance will be a member of our group being filmed playing all instruments and dressed as a mime edited together using a cut screen to make it look as if he is playing all the instruments single handedly at the same time. We will also have a female lead singer with an indie style and wearing colourful clothes in contrast to the black and white outfit of the mime.

Shot List:
Shot 1: Begins with a black screen
Shot 2: One quarter of the split screen will introduce the guitar
Shot 3: Repeated with the bass
Shot 4: Repeated with the drums
Shot 5: And finally the singer's lips
Shot 6: The shot zooms into the singer's mouth and then back out to the girl in our first location, walking towards hand held camera, singing.
Shot 7: Long shot of band in line (split screen to show Tom as all band members)
Shot 8: Girl enters shot from the right, Tom on the right sees her, stops playing and walks towards her. Other mimes look over and watch.
Shot 9: Zoom onto to singer and band member pulls her towards band. Girl starts singing, mimes look at her oddly.
Shot 10: Girl runs away. Cuts to shots of girl running away, each getting further away.
Shot 11: Cut away narration at second location. Mime chasing girl.
Shot 12: Stiller, calmer shot of mime and girl happily together - "like the girls on tv"
Shot 13: Mime chasing girl.
Shot 14: Cut back to singer performance
Following shots will be alternating between:
- the mime chasing the girl
- the mimes performance
- the singer.
The final shot: Camera zooming into the singer's mouth and fading to black.

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