Thursday, 15 October 2009

Album Ideas: Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, Thats What I'm Not

I chose to analyse The Arctic Monkeys album cover as they are an indie band, and that is the type of music we have made our video to. The band is an all boy band and the music is mostly fast paced with many guitar and bass solos. The boys are all messy and the style of clothing is edgy and indie, with skinny jeans, shirts and messy hairstyles. Although the Arctic Monkeys dont have a leading female singer, I thought their music was similar to Be Your Own PET - Girls on TV.
The album cover is interesting because the band arent on the picture and the photo of the man doesnt indicate anything about the album. It is totally random but it somehow has relevence as, to me, it shows the man being a rebel by smoking when everybody knows its bad for you. I think the Arctic Monkeys have chosen this image to show they dont care and just want to have a good time and do what they want, and the man in this photo demonstrates this perfectly.
The black and white effect is effective because its different and shows the simplicity of the photo. It makes all the attention go straight to the man in the photo and also works well with the text which is also in black and white. If there was colour there would be too much going on and would look slightly messy, so they have done the right thing. It also makes the album cover look old, as if it was taken with a camera that is years old, as when photos were first taken they were all in black and white. It adds a touch of vintage to the cover and shows that the boys have wanted to make it edgy.
The background is also simple; it looks like grey curtains, which also shows the minimalist effect. It works well with the man in front as it looks as if he is in contrast to it due to the brightness on him.
In conclusion, it looks like a low budget album cover as it is minimalist and looks as though there haven't been any effects used, therefore it is successful as it is memorable without having to do much to it or change it in any way.

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