Thursday, 8 October 2009

Panic! at the disco - I write sins not tragedies

I have chosen this video to analyse because the costumes are the sort of thing we are hoping to dress Tom in. There are mimes, each with different looks; some look scary, some eerie, some sad etc. We are hoping to pick a mime and make Tom look as close to it as possible.
The first shot of the band member is a close up from above, looking down on him from under the hat. We are thinking of introducing a shot into the shot list of Tom doing a similar thing, with the similar kind of shot. The whole theme of the music video is eerie and we are hoping to achieve this with Tom as closely as we can. When I thought of a video that would show different types of costumes and clowns to give us inspiration I thought of this video. There is a wide range of styles and make up techniques we could use so we have a variety to choose from for Tom.
In the video, the mimes are all happy in the beginning. Then as things start to go on and chaos arises their make up is changed and they are made to look sad. We are looking to do this with Tom to show the different types of emotions through the music video; as he will have a lot of paint on his face, there will be no other way to show his emotions then to keep wiping off then reapplying face make up with a different emotion on it. This will be quite difficult and time consuming but it will look effective, just like it does in this video.
The close up shots in Panic! at the disco's video make it easier to see how to achieve the look and use the make up effectively, and it will be easier to do it stage by stage, slowing down the youtube video so we can see exactly how the make up was used in the music video so we can use it for Tom.

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