Thursday, 22 October 2009

Rough Cut Progress

So far our rough cut editing has been going well and we have been very pleased with our progress. We have now realised how our previous experiences with lip syncing practice have been particularly useful as we know how important this is in making our video look authentic and have a high quality final effect.

All group members have had a large input at this weeks production meetings and by combining all our ideas and skills with the footage we have managed to produce 1.30 minutes of high quality video.

When it comes to our final cut we have a few details we are considering changing, for example:
- the lighting on certain layers of the split screen needs to be adjusted
- we also need to adjust the shot to make the ground level, as at the moment its slightly tilted
- the borders between the shots on the introduction could be possibly removed.
- add the zoom effects onto the singers lips in the introduction.
- add effects to the narrative sequence. For example, reversing the footage, increasing speed etc

We are also thinking ahead for the future for the production of our DVD cover and poster and have been brainstorming ideas based on the behind the scenes photographs we took whilst filming. For example, the shots involving the two characters and the car.

Currently we feel that we have a sufficient amount of footage but this could possibly change.

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