Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Gossip - Heavy Cross

The Gossip front woman Beth Ditto has become an icon since the band's first hit "Standing in the Way of Control" which featured as part of the soundtrack to the popular teen drama Skins.
The new album features the above track, Heavy Cross and the video shows their alternative status in the music industry. The video features an abstract styled performance which focuses largely on Beth Ditto, the band members are also featured within the video but mostly in the background.
When compared to our production group's aspirations I found this video particularly good to look at as it provides another example for how female fronted bands in the industry are protrayed.
The minimalism with the use of shadows to create an effect of eerieness and abstract art rather than a narrative makes it interesting to watch and with the focus on Beth Ditto the power is given to her.

With Girls on TV I believe that our front woman also needs to be the centre of attention on camera, because of this as a group we are looking into appropriate clothing and make up.
A blog will follow up on our research shortly.

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