Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Props and Costumes

Instruments have proved quite difficult to acquire for our filming. As we need bass, a guitar, an amp and drums we have not been lucky in the sense that finding these instruments has been proven a difficult task.
We have managed to find friends who have these instruments; Tom in our group has a black and white guitar (which would look extremely effective as he is acting as a mime) and an amp, Claire in our group will be able to get hold of bass from her brother and Bryony in our group will be able to get drums from a relative. We will have to get all of these instruments to the place where we will be filming which will be a slight problem, but as 2 of us drive we will have to make 2 trips to fit everything in the car, depending on how big the instruments are. When we get to the scene of filming we will have to set all the instruments up then act as if we are using them in our footage.

We will have to experiment with costumes as the main girl needs to be in colour. We are hoping Bryony will wear something like coloured/patterned leggings, a long top, converse, colourful cardigan and a lot of jewelry. We need her to be in complete contrast with the black and white mime (Tom) and by doing this it will make her stand out as the lead singer and sex symbol.

I will have to bring in colourful make up on the day, as Bryony will have big eye make up and stand out by looking very indie. We are hoping to mismatch her make up with her outfit so she looks edgy, unique and memorable.

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