Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Extra footage

With our extra footage, we had to cut and edit it to make it fit properly into the footage we had already edited for our final cut. We had extra footage of Tom (the mime) playing the guitar in different areas of the forest and Bryony (lead singer) looking up at the camera whilst singing lyrics. There was also a panic today that we didnt have enough footage of Bryony's lips so we had to take the camera outside so the lighting was the same as the old shots, and had to film a close up of Bryony's lips.
With the footage of Tom playing the guitar in different, we had to cut the shots so we could place them in time with the beat whilst making it look effective. We made it look as if Tom had jumped from one place in the forest to another in a random order, whilst still playing the guitar to the music. We had to fill the gaps in the video we had so it didnt get boring for the viewer, therefore had to make the shots short and sharp. The shots were 0.5seconds quick in the final edit. It looks effective as it is more fun than just a long shot of Tom playing the guitar without any different angles of him.
We have yet to find a place for the shot of Bryony looking up at the camera, although we have added in the close up of her lips. We will use the shots to fill in the gaps (as above) where we have no footage and need new footage to keep it interesting.
We decided to do a split screen as the final shot (as we have done at the beginning of the sequence) as it would round the music video off very well. The shots we will use will be of both Bryony and Tom together to make it look as though they got together in the end.

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