Friday, 20 November 2009

Ideas for the Digipak

In our production meeting we first discussed the name of the band and which photo to put onto the magazine cover.
We first decided to work on the name of our band and by doing this we went on Wikipedia and kept clicking on the random botton. We thought of a theme for our band name but also had to keep it indie and edgy, and we thought of a name of a God or Goddess. We typed in Greek Gods on Wikipedia and found the Gods Apollo and Herion quite interesting as they are one God with two names. Apollo/Herion is the God of Sun and we thought it sounded powerful and memorable. As people dont generally know about the name Herion we decided to go with Apollo. Agreeing on one part of the name, we decided to lengthen it, therefore we started clicking the random button on Wikipedia. We found the word "Station" and we instantly thought of "Apollo Station". This then became our band name.
For our magazine cover, we decided to choose the photo of Tom and Bryony in the forest with the car with both of them looking in opposite directions looking slightly distracted/lost but comfortable.
As we put the photo into photoshop, a few ideas arose. We are hoping to put an old fashioned TV around Tom's face to make it look like his face is in the TV. We are then hoping to make the rest of the photo black and white and just have the TV and the image inside the TV (Tom's face) in colour. We think this will look very effective but it's just a case of spending a large amount of time on photoshop to perfect this image and make it look as we want it to. We have decided that we will need to spend multiple out of college hours to get the image perfect.
Above the TV box we will maybe have "Girls on" on it and then have the letters "T" and "V" either side of Tom's face. This is just an idea as we think it will look effective that we are writing "TV" and there will be an image TV where it is meant to be written.
We will then add on the band name at the top of the poster in a big font and have a barcode at the bottom right hand side of the image. We are thinking to put the barcode in colour to contrast from the black and white background although this has not yet been definately decided.

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